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Government Contractors- Are They Paid Too Much?

ts a well known fact in the contracting industry that government contracts can be very lucrative and profitable.  The most glaring example of this is the very famous Obamacare website which cost over 2$ billion dollars and had issues with reliability and was constantly delayed.

In fact, many local contractors cozy up with local officials and there’s a decent amount of lobbying that goes on local city halls.  While the scale of it doesn’t compare to Washington D.C’s full time lobbyists, there is still a fair amount of informal lobbying going on at the city level.

The reason these local contracts with the government are so lucrative is because of the complex bureacracy involved in local governments.  Officials have absolutely no incentive to do in-depth research and will make decisions based on surface factors.  Since its the taxpayer’s money at stake, they don’t really have any incentive to negotiate.

This means as a taxpayer you are footing the bill for expensive contracts.

Oakville home painters

One of the best interior Oakville painters actually told me that many painting companies try as hard as they can to cozy up with local Toronto and Ontario government officials, to the point that he’s heard stories of people eating lunch and dinner with officials to curry favor.  His company has a strict ethical code that does not allow for the owner or employees to have conflicts of interest.

Its important that we crack down on local corruption and that we keep a close eye on all local spending, including spending spent on government projects that ends up in the hands of contractors.  Its important that government contracts not be cash windfalls for the lucky contractors who get them.  In addition there should be safeguards to ensure work gets done on time and within deadlines.  Anything else is unfair to local taxpayers who pay huge amounts of taxes and end up dissapointed.