Electrician north york

Transfer Electric: A Quality Electrician?

Transfer Electric is a Toronto based electrician that’s run by a father and son team.  They have been in business for over 35 years.  This is a company that’s very old and their electricians are experienced.   Their website is http://www.bestelectriciantoronto.ca.

Their services include all types of electrical work which includes pot lights installations, recessed lighting, generators, wiring upgrades, panel upgrades, knob and tube wiring, smoke detectors, and a wide variety of electrical services.

We recently hired them on to fix a electrical outlet that wasn’t working.  Their electrician arrived, did the job fast, and the job was done within a hour.  I was very satisfied with the speed of the job, and the professionalism of the electrician we hired.

Electrician north york

Overall our impression was positive.  This seems like a fairly solid company.  The pricing was fair.  We were also impressed that they came out all the way to our house, which is all the way out in Scarborough.   Typically most electricians don’t go all the way up to Scarborough, but we were very happy that Transfer Electric did.

We’d give them a 4 out of 5.

I think they are a great team for electrical jobs that are medium to larger sized, as they have a bunch of employees and typically only do jobs that are fairly large sized.  They prefer to do a lot of commercial electrical work.

We’re definitely calling them the next time we have any electrical issues at our place.