Trying To Find Excavator Hire in Melbourne?

Trying To Find Excavator Hire in Melbourne?

Me and my wife were looking to build on the new block of land that we had recently paid off on and for some of the landscaping work we were looking for a reliable excavator hire in Melbourne that can provide use with a small excavator that we can use ourselves to move some dirt.

We contacted quite a few companies and many of them were offering ridiculous quotes for their excavator hire and we were quite surprised. We didn’t think it would be so expensive to be honest! Anyway, we were really disappointed and thought we’d have to hire a landscaper to get it done even though we knew how to do it.

That was until we decided to give it another shot and called up Excavator Hire Melbourne VIC, these guys gave us a quick and affordable hire rate and then got the excavator over to our place within an hour! We were so happy with their service, they even provided an operator and got the work done for us!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Quality of Machinery: 4/5

Quality of Service: 5/5

Would you recommend again? Yes!